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Accelerated Reader

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Accelerated Reader As easy as 1, 2, 3 !   1. Select a Book. Students make their own choices from over 10,000 outstanding and popular titles on the Accelerated Reader book list. Many of these books can be found in our classroom, or school and public libraries. You may also have some of these books at home.


2. Read the book. Students then read their books, at their own pace. Students get so excited about the program that they read every chance they get! As students grow more involved with good literature, they eagerly discuss books and recommend them to their classmates.


3. Take the test. Students love to take tests on the computer! The 5 or 10 question multiple choice test is carefully designed to verify that the student has read the book. With the test completed, the computer instantly reveals how many questions the student answered correctly, and awards reading points based on the book's length, reading level, and number of correct answers. If the student passes the test the teacher can rest assured he/she really has read the book.

Reading Goals:Each child should earn at least 10 points during each nine week grading period and maintain an average of 85% or better on the tests they take on the books they have read. 


Accelerated Reader

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